ABOUT Summit Shaka Leathercrafts

At the top of a cliff or mountain, I throw a Shaka!
"Shaka" is used to convey the "Aloha Spirit" and is Hawaii's most well-known hand gesture. An expression of friendly intent often used to express "Howzit", "Thanks" or "Right On".

Born and raised in Hawaii, now I reside on the east coast USA! I love ice climbing, rock climbing, crack climbing, skiing, winter hiking, and golf. Growing up in Hawaii I spent all my time outdoors. I still spend a lot of time enjoying and loving the outdoors. And it's the passion for the outdoors and nature that totally inspires me to create my jewelry! I am a former Manufacturing Process Engineer and have served in the U.S. Armed Forces as an Aircraft Pnuedraulic Systems Mechanic.

About My Jewelry Pieces
I create leather and antler jewelry in my home studio. For leather jewelry, I use leather tools including tooling stamps, a hammer, carving knife, snaps, rivets, stains, dyes and paints. For antler jewelry, I use jewelry making tools including various jewelry pliers, wire and wire cutters.

All my leather jewelry is produced from the leather byproducts of USA's dairy and beef industries. All my antler jewelry is produced from USA, naturally shed Elk or Deer antlers. Genuine Turquoise is used in making some of my jewelry pieces. I only source turquoise from USA turquoise mines. 

Sewing History
I started sewing in 1966 when my mother taught me to use her sewing machine. Since then I've taken many sewing instructional workshops and pattern drafting classes. I worked in a small manufacturing factory sewing upcycled clothing made from silk kimonos imported from Japan. I've sewn many clothing for myself including my own children's outfits. I have also sewn figure skating dresses for my daughter and handsewn all the beadwork for her competition dresses. At one point I contracted both a seamstress and a small manufacturing company to manufacture fleecewear for individual orders and figure skating club orders. 

About my PDF Patterns
When I have an idea for a product/pattern, I sketch it out. Then I create all the pattern pieces with measurements and instructions in Adobe Illustrator.


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